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Virtual Banking

Definition: The Virtual Banking is the provision of accessing the banking and related services online without actually going to the bank branch/office in person. Simply, availing the banking services through an extensive use of information technology without any requirement for the physical walk-in premises is called as virtual banking.

Any financial institution that offers the traditional banking services online is termed as a virtual bank. Virtual banking enables a customer to pay bills online, check account details, secure loans, withdraw and deposit money anytime as per the convenience.

Some common forms of virtual banking are, ATMs, use of magnetic ink character recognition code (MICR), Electronic clearing service scheme, electronic fund transfer scheme, RTGS, computerized settlement of clearing transactions, centralized fund management schemes, etc.

One of the advantages of virtual banking service is that the transactions can be checked in real time, i.e. as and when the transactions are made and the customer is not required to wait for the day or a month to end to check the transaction details. The cost incurred in handling the transactions is lower than the traditional form of banking, and also, it charges low fee comparatively because of less overhead expenses.

Also, the response time has increased manifold with the invent of online banking. The customer can access his account any time round the clock and indulge in the banking activities as per his convenience.

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