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Vestibule Training

Definition: The Vestibule Training is one of the methods of training, where the technical staff, especially those who deal with the tools and machinery, are given the job education training in the workplace other than the main production plant.

In other words, the Vestibule training is called, “near the job training”, which means the simulated setup is established, proximate to the main production plant, wherein the technical staff learns how to operate the tools and machinery, that may be exactly similar, to what they will be using at the actual work floor.

There are special trainers or the specialists, who impart this training to the technical staff, thereby reducing the burden on the line supervisor, who has to supervise the entire production process.

vestibule training
The vestibule training can be conducted in classrooms or the workstations; that can be within the main production plant or in close proximity to it. Under this training, the emphasis is on learning rather than production.

Advantages of Vestibule Training

  1. Useful to give training to a large number of people, performing the same type of job.
  2. The workers concentrate only on the training and do not fear about the mistakes happening in the production process.
  3. The actual work does not suffer, as the vestibule training is conducted at the simulated workplace and not on the actual work floor.
  4. The workers accustom themselves with the simulated work environment and thus, their nervousness or anxiety reduces before going to the actual work floor.
  5. The Vestibule training is given by the specialist; thus, more time can be devoted to each worker’s problem, which has not been possible in the case of the line supervisor, who is responsible for the entire production process and has a less time for the trainees.

Disadvantages of Vestibule Training

  1. The vestibule training is costly since it involves the simulated workplace, where a duplication of machinery, tools, equipment, etc. of actual work floor is required to make the workers have a real time experience.
  2. The trainer has to be skilled and thus demands more money for giving the vestibule training.
  3. The vestibule training is time-consuming since an entire setup is to be created before giving the training to the workers.
  4. The workers may find it difficult to adjust to the real work environment.

Generally, the vestibule training is conducted when any new technology is launched, and the workers are required to learn about its operations in the simulated work environment, thereby not hampering the actual production process.

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