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Theories of Personality

Definition: The Personality refers to the distinct traits, thoughts, feelings, actions and characteristics of an individual that differentiates him from other individuals. Simply, the personality is the typical behavior of a person in which he responds to the given situations.

The term personality is derived from a Latin word ”persona” which means to speak through, it is also a mask used by actors in Greece and Rome to play different roles or disguise themselves.

Theories of Personality

Since there is no exact definition of the term personality, different theorists from psychology field as well as from other fields dealing with human behavior have carried on researches to find out the answers to certain questions Viz. What is Personality? What does it constitute? How is behavior governed by Personality?

The theories of personality have been grouped as:

personality theories

  1. Psychoanalytic Theory
  2. Socio-Psychological Theory
  3. Trait Theory
  4. Self Theory

Thus, we can say, that personality is the organization of different psychological systems in an individual, who tries to adjust to the external environment.

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