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Task Force

Definition: The Task Force is a type of a group, formed temporary, in which people from different disciplinary backgrounds come together to perform a specific task or mission. These are different from the committees in the sense, these are temporary and has broader powers of action and decision, greater responsibilities for investigation, analysis, planning and research.

The task force is temporary and comes to an end as soon as the mission for which it was created gets over. The purpose behind its creation is to capitalize the skills, expertise and experience of its members to find the solution to some unusual organizational problem. The task force usually comes into the power when the organization faces a complex problem which is beyond the capabilities of an individual and even the entire department to solve it.

Such groups can either be constituted at the time of; a launch of a new product, selection of a new assignment or for the negotiation of certain terms and conditions. Also, any member of the organization could be a part of this, irrespective of his hierarchical position in the organization.

Thus, the task force is constituted to capitalize the special skills of individuals to solve a complex problem, but sometimes it can also pose serious threats to the organization. Such as people may feel miserable if not selected in the task force, a feeling of independence may emerge in the minds of task force members and might lose attachment to the formal organization.

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