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Systematic Sampling

Definition: The Systematic Sampling is yet another probability sampling technique wherein the starting point from where the element is to be drawn from the population is chosen randomly and then the subsequent items are selected on the basis of the fixed periodic interval between the sample items.

The systematic sampling is a periodical method wherein the sample members are selected on the basis of the constant interval, called as sampling interval. On dividing the population size by the desired sample size, the kth item to be selected from the list is determined. Such as, if a group of 500 individuals is to be selected from the population of 5,000, then every 10th person will be selected in a sample, since, 5,000/500 = 10.

The systematic sampling can be applied successfully when the complete list of the population from which the samples are to be drawn is available. Also, the sampling units must be arranged in some systematic order such as chronological, alphabetical, geographical order, etc. so that every subsequent element gets an equal chance of being selected in the sample.

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