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Refresher Training

Definition: The Refresher Training or Retraining is a training programme designed for the old or existing employees of an organization, with a purpose to acquaint them with the new skills, methods, and processes required to improve their performance on the jobs.

The Refresher training is based on the assumption that the skills with the existing employees become obsolete or outdated because of the advancement in the technology and due to the human tendency of forgetting things. Thus, the retraining is conducted to keep these employees updated with the latest inventions.

refresher training

The need for the retraining arises when there is a continuous fall in the performance of a worker and the attitudinal conflict arises.

Importance of Refresher Training

The Retraining is essential because of the following reasons:

  1. To get the best out of the employees
  2. Retain the employees
  3. Increases the self-confidence and morale of the employees
  4. Keeping the staff updated with the latest trends
  5. Bridging the gap between the old and new skills
  6. Increasing the pool of talent for an organization
  7. Saving the cost incurred in hiring a new talent

It is recommended to have these training periodically, through which the employee efficiency gets improved that ultimately increases the efficiency of the organization. Not only this, the self-confidence and morale of the employees get boosted up with these training.

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