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Quality Circle

Definition: The Quality Circle refers to the group of individuals who meet on a regular basis to discuss the work-related problems. Generally, the quality circles are small group gatherings, led by the supervisor or the manager who presents the solutions to the management.

The purpose behind the formation of a quality circle is to motivate employees to share the problems affecting their work area and help in improving the performance of the organization as a whole. Generally, the quality circles focus on issues such as occupational health and safety, improvement in the working environment and manufacturing processes, etc.

The quality circles are formed to fulfill any of the following objectives:

  • To contribute towards the development of an organization.
  • To create a healthy work environment such that employees find the place worthwhile to work
  • To explore the hidden potential of the individuals and drawing out the infinite possibilities.
  • To improve the product quality and the productivity of the organization.
  • To improve the team skills, capabilities, confidence and creativity through education, training, and participation of volunteers in the circles.

Often, six to twelve personnel from the same work area come together to form these circles. These members receive proper training in problem solving, group process and statistical processes.

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