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Promotional Training

Definition: The Promotional Training means preparing the potential candidate to handle more duties and responsibilities, thereby making him/her eligible for promotion to higher jobs in the organization. Simply, training given to the efficient workers of an organization who are likely get promoted in the near future.

promotional training

With the promotion, the work and responsibilities get doubled and the employee may not be able to handle the pressure and may collapse. So, in order to make an employee ready to face the challenges, the promotional training is given to him.

Promotional training means “preparing for the promotion.” By doing so, a firm prepares the in-house employee to handle higher job responsibilities in the future and thereby avoiding the cost of hiring a new employee.

Through the promotional training, an employee feels motivated and determined to reach at a higher position as soon as possible. The purpose of this training is to make an employee well equipped with the essential skills required to perform the high-level job.

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