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Outbound Training

Definition: The Outbound Training is a technique used to enhance the efficiency of employees through Experiential Learning. In other words, taking the group of employees away from the actual work environment into the outdoors and are assigned some challenging task or activity that needs to be completed by them within a given time frame.

As the name suggests, the outbound training is conducted at a place away from the actual work environment and aims at improving the interpersonal, communication and leadership skills of the employees.

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Effectiveness of Outbound Training

  • Helps in improving the teamwork abilities.
  • Leadership qualities get enhanced
  • Help in resolving intragroup or personal conflicts
  • Nourishes the interpersonal skills
  • Nurtures the personal and intragroup relations
  • Improves the Communication Skills
  • Better partnerships and alliances

Generally, the outbound training comprises of a series of exercises and games such as treasure hunt, trekking, camping, raft racing, etc. built around the training theme and are carried out by employees in teams.

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