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Off-the-Job Training

Definition: The Off-the-Job TrainingĀ is the training method wherein the workers/employees learn their job roles away from the actual work floor.

Simply, off-the-job training comprises of a place specifically allotted for the training purpose that may be near to the actual workplace, where the workers are required to learn the skills and get well equipped with the tools and techniques that are to be used at the actual work floor.

Off-the-Job Training Methods

off-the-job training

  1. Special lectures: This is also called as classroom training wherein the employees are given lectures about the job requirements and the necessary skills required for implementing the job.

    There is generally a classroom or a workshop wherein the complete job knowledge is given to the workers by the experts or specialists from the professional institutes.The main purpose of this training is to make the employees well informed about their job roles and discussing their queries arising out of the lectures.

  2. Simulation: Under this training, the trainee is required to learn the operations of machines and equipment, that are reasonably designed to look similar to those installed at the actual work floor.

    This is one of the most common method of training wherein the worker learns to operate tools and machinery that look alike to those, they would be using in the actual work environment.

  3. Vestibule Training: This type of training is specifically given to the technical staff, office staff and the employees who learn the operations of tools and equipment assembled at a place away from the actual work floor.

    This type of training is conducted to give the real feel to the trainees, that they would be experiencing at the actual plant.

  4. Case Studies: Under this method, the trainees are given the situation or a problem in the form of a case study, and are required to solve it as per their learning from the training program.
  5. Role playing: This type of training is essential in case of customer services. Under this, the trainees assume roles and enact as per the given situations. It is also called as socio-drama or psycho-drama, wherein the employees act as if, they are facing the situation and have to solve it spontaneously without any guidance.
  6. Management Games: Under this method, the trainees are divided into groups and then they are presented with the simulated marketplace or the situations, wherein they are required to apply their learning and solve the problems accordingly.

Under off-the-job training, the worker concentrates only on the learning of a job and is not accountable for the production.

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