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Non-Verbal Communication

Definition: The Non-Verbal Communication is the process of conveying meaning without the use of words either written or spoken. In other words, any communication made between two or more persons through the use of facial expressions, hand movements, body language, postures, and gestures is called as non-verbal communication.

The Non-Verbal Communication, unlike the verbal communication, helps in establishing and maintaining the interpersonal relationships while the verbals only help in communicating the external events. People use non-verbals to express emotions and interpersonal attitudes, conduct rituals such as greetings and bring forward one’s personality.

The non-verbal communication in the form of signals, expressions add meaning over the verbals and help people to communicate more efficiently. It supplements whatever is said in words, such as people nod to acknowledge and move their hands to give directions.

The non-verbal communication defines the distance between the communicators and helps them to exchange their emotional state of mind. Also, it regulates the flow of communication, for example, an individual can give signals to convey that he had finished speaking or else he wants to speak.

Sometimes, the non-verbals acts as a barrier to communicating effectively as the recipient could not understand what the sender is trying to say and may interpret it wrongly.

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