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Monetised Deficit

Definition: The Monetised Deficit is the extent to which the RBI helps the central government in its borrowing programme. In other words, monetised deficit means the increase in the net RBI credit to the central government, such that the monetary needs of the government could be met easily.

The monetized deficit results in the increase in the net holdings of treasury bills by the RBI and also the RBI contribution towards the government’s market borrowings increases. With the issue of more money to the government, the money supply in the economy increases, as a result of which the inflationary pressure prevails. Hence, we can say that monetised deficits are the part of a fiscal deficit that leads to the inflation in the economy.

Thus, it can be concluded that monetised deficit occurs when the government takes a monetary support from the RBI to finance its debt obligations and try to reduce its unnecessary expenditures.

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