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Life Positions

Definition: The Life Positions refers to the specific behavior towards others that an individual learns on the basis of certain assumptions made very early in the life.

The life positions can be categorized as follows:

Life positions

  1. I am O.K., You are O.K.: This life position shows that an individual has several O.K. experiences with others. This means, an individual encountered no severe problems or issues with others in his childhood and had a normal relationship with them. People with such life positions about themselves and others around him can solve any problem very easily and realizes the significance of others being in his life. This position is based on the adult ego.
  2. I am O.K., You are not O.K.: This life position is created when an individual was too much ignored when he was a child. Here, an individual believes that he is right, and all the others around him are wrong. These are the individual who possesses the rebellion child ego and put blame on others for anything that goes wrong with them.
  3. I am not O.K., you are O.K.: This life position gets created when an individual feels that others do things better than him. He feels inferior to others and believes that others can do many things which he cannot do by himself. These kinds of people always complain about one thing or the other and remain highly dissatisfied with their lives.
  4. I am not O.K., you are not O.K.: This kind of life position is created by those who lacks interest in living. They feel life is not worth living and are the ones who have been neglected by their parents in their childhood and were brought up by the servants. Such kind of people commits suicide or homicide to end their lives.

Thus, the life positions talk about the individual developing his identity, sense of worth and perception about others during his childhood and believing it to be true until and unless some major experience changes it.

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