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Job Discrimination

Definition: The Job Discrimination means making an adverse decision against the employee or the job applicant on the basis of his membership in a certain group. In an organization, several instances can be seen where an individual is discriminated on the grounds of sex, religion, caste, physical disability and national origin.

job discrimination

The most common discriminatory practices having ethical implications are:

  • The individuals can be discriminated intentionally on the basis of stereotypes or personal prejudice. If women request to work on a production line, she can be rejected on the basis of an assumption that ladies can not understand the machinery.
  • The organization can also discriminate, such as no women are to be placed in any supervisory position because the men in the organization do not like to receive orders from a lady.
  • The discrimination on the basis of caste, religion, national origin, gender is most often seen in the organization. These discriminatory practices are unethical because it violates the basic moral rights of an individual. The workplace harassment, particularly of women is a workplace discrimination.

The actions taken to remove this discrepancy are called the affirmative actions that include the following approaches:

  • Hiring people purely on job-related considerations
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Giving the promotion opportunities to all purely on the basis of their performance
  • Giving the due representation to the reserved categories
  • Treating all the employees fairly.

Thus, it is the duty of the HR department to get rid of this job discrimination and provide an environment of equality to all the employees working in the organization.

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