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Internship Training

Definition: Under the Internship Training programme, an educational or a vocational institute enters into an arrangement with the industrial enterprises to provide experiential knowledge to their students.

Simply, the training conducted to offer a practical knowledge to the students, lasting for few months, is called as the internship training. These trainings are conducted for such courses viz. Engineering, Medical, Management, etc., wherein the advanced theoretical knowledge is to be backed up by the practical experience of the job.

internship training

Here, the trainers are the big industrial enterprises, and the interns are the students. Thus, they are not the employees of the firm and have to leave the organization when an internship programme gets over.

Usually, the internship training lasts for few months and can either be paid or unpaid. The amount received while training is called as the “stipend.” The internship training is beneficial for an organization because they get the cheap labor for their extra work, viz. Printing, scanning, dispatching of documents.

However, an internship programme holds an equal importance for a student because through this training they can realize which career is suitable for them. And often, the companies offer pre-placement offers to the interns on the basis of their efficiency for performance. Thus, the internship programmes do offer the employment opportunities.

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