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Guerrilla Warfare

Definition: A Guerrilla warfare is the marketing strategy adopted by the challenger firm intended to launch the intermittent attacks with an intention to harass or demoralize the competitor. This strategy is more a preparation for the war than an actual war.

Guerrilla warfare

A guerrilla warfare can be expensive, but however, is less than the frontal, flank and encirclement attack. Following are some of the strategies that firms adopt to win over the competitor:

  • Make use of publicity, get the media to talk about your firm. Publicity is more powerful than the advertising because, in the latter media form, it is well known that the message is very well under the control of a firm but however, in a case of publicity the information flows freely without any control.
  • Social Networking Sites, another way of getting a firm recognized is through an account on the social sites such as facebook, twitter wherein the number of likes and follow ups can be ascertained.
  • Freebies, i.e. giving away the products in the form of free samples to the customers. This is done to spread the name of the company and to make the customer try the product at least once.
  • Hard as well as cash, the company offers its products against the hard money, i.e. credit cards or debit cards along with the cash money. This gives the customer flexibility to make the payment in any form.

Generally, the companies used both the conventional and unconventional means to attack the opponent but provided it does not cross the lines of legality or morality. Severe price cuts, intense promotional blitzes, occasional legal action, are some of the ways to supersede the counterpart.

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