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Employee Engagement

Definition: The Employee Engagement refers to the degree of relationship between the organization and its members. An employee is said to be highly engaged if he is willing to work and go beyond of what typically is expected in his role.

In other words, the extra efforts an employee is willing to put forth determines his degree of emotional attachment to the organization. The emotional attachment means a strong emotional bond an employee has with the organization such that he personalizes the company’s goals and objectives and work towards furthering the organization’s reputation.

Employee engagement is often associated with satisfaction, but however, they do not go together. This means a highly satisfied person need not necessarily be completely engaged or disengaged by the firm. There is a possibility that an employee might be engaged by a job and not by an organization or vice versa. Thus, satisfaction, commitment, pride and advocacy in relation to both the job and the organization constitutes the essential elements of engagement.

The satisfaction refers the extent to which an employee is fully absorbed and encouraged to perform the task assigned to him. The commitment is an emotional bond employee shares with the organization. And finally, the employee praises his organization because he feels pride in association with it. He talks highly about his organization as the best place to work and speak vividly about its products and services.

The employee engagement is characterized by passion, personal belief, employee commitment, and work relationships. Passion refers to the employee’s total commitment towards the work, such that every time he or she talks only about the job and the company. The personal belief is the confidence that an employee has for the success of the organization. The employee strongly recommends the organization as the best place to work. An employee commitment refers to the time and efforts spent on a job. The work relationships are the cordial and friendly interpersonal relationships an employee enjoys within the organization.

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