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Dividend Decision

Definition: The Dividend Decision is one of the crucial decisions made by the finance manager relating to the payouts to the shareholders. The payout is the proportion of Earning Per Share given to the shareholders in the form of dividends.

The companies can pay either dividend to the shareholders or retain the earnings within the firm. The amount to be disbursed depends on the preference of the shareholders and the investment opportunities prevailing within the firm.

Dividend Decision

The optimal dividend decision is when the wealth of shareholders increases with the increase in the value of shares of the company. Therefore, the finance department must consider all the decisions viz. Investment, Financing and Dividend while computing the payouts.

If attractive investment opportunities exist within the firm, then the shareholders must be convinced to forego their share of dividend and reinvest in the firm for better future returns. At the same time, the management must ensure that the value of the stock does not get adversely affected due to less or no dividends paid out to the shareholders.

The objective of the financial management is the Maximization of Shareholder’s Wealth. Therefore, the finance manager must ensure a win-win situation for both the shareholders and the company.

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