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Dialectic Decisions Method

Definition: The Dialectic Decisions Method is a technique used to overcome the problem in the group-decision making, wherein the group members quickly agree to one alternative proposal and might overlook more promising solutions than the chosen one. Thus, it ensures a full consideration of alternatives.

The reason behind such a quick converge on a single alternative may be, the participant’s unwillingness to meet and get indulged into the tough discussions. Thus, in order to overcome such problem, the dialectic decisions method came into existence.

The dialectic decisions method comprises of following steps:

Dialectic decision method

  1. First of all, a clear statement of a problem is stated.
  2. Then, all the possible alternative proposals are generated.
  3. Once the set of alternatives is listed, the group members identify all the implicit and explicit assumptions central to the proposals.
  4. Then each alternative is broken into subgroups to study all the pros and cons of the proposals in the light of a problem.
  5. Once these steps are completed individually, the group members meet and decide on a proposal to be chosen on the basis of its ultimate results (pros and cons).

Thus, through a dialectic decisions method, every group member participates equally in finding out the most promising alternative proposal in the context of a given problem.

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