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Brand Resonance

Definition: The Brand Resonance refers to the relationship that a consumer has with the product and how well he can relate to it.

The brand resonance begins with:

  • Brand Identification: The first and foremost step, is to ensure the brand identification with the customers, i.e. creates awareness about the product and establish an association in the minds of customers with respect to its usage and the segment for which it exists.
  • Brand Establishment: To create a full meaning of the product in the minds of customers, so that they start remembering it.
  • Eliciting Response: Once the association is built with the customers, the next step is to elicit the responses, i.e. what customers feel about the brand?
  • Relationship: The next and final step is to convert the responses into building the customer’s strong relationship with the brand.

In order to accomplish these four pre-requisites for creating the brand equity, the Six brand building blocks need to be followed that are arranged in a pyramid-like structure called as Brand Resonance Pyramid.

Brand Resonance Pyramid

brand resonance pyramid-final

  1. Brand Salience: The brand salience means, how well the customer is informed about the product and how often it is evoked under the purchase situations?

    The marketer should not only focus on just creating the awareness about the product but also includes the ease with which the customers can remember the brand and the ability to recall it under the different purchase situations.

  2. Brand Performance: The Brand performance means, how well the functional needs of customers are met?

    At this level of the pyramid, the marketers check the way in which product is performing and how efficiently it is fulfilling the needs of the customers.

  3. Brand Imagery: The Brand Imagery means, what product image the customer create in their minds?

    This aspect deals with the customer’s psychology or the feelings that how they relate to the product in terms of their social needs.

  4. Brand Judgements: The Brand Judgement means, What customer decides with respect to the product?

    The customers make the judgment about the product by consolidating his several performances and the imagery associations with the brand. On the basis of these, the final judgment is made about the product in terms of its Perceived Quality, Credibility, Consideration, and Superiority.

  5. Brand Feelings: The Brand feelings means, what customers feel, for the product or how the customer is emotionally attached to the product?

    The consumer can develop emotions towards the brand in terms of fun, security, self-respect, social approval, etc.

  6. Brand Resonance: The Brand Resonance means, what psychological bond, the customer has created with the brand?

    This is the ultimate level of the pyramid, where every company tries to reach. Here the focus is on building the strong relationship with the customer thereby ensuring the repeated purchases and creating the brand loyalty.

The resonance is the intensity of customer’s psychological connection with the brand and the randomness to recall the brand in different consumption situations.

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